Aura by Arketipo / Giuseppe Vigano - დიზაინერული კონსოლი მარმარილოს ტოპით

Three distinct elements characterise what is the design ideology behind Aura. The first is the distinct and geometric shape that provides balance and poise whilst executing a sense of refined style. The second is the featured marble or glass top providing drama and bursts of colour. Finally, it is enveloped by a metal tube. Combined, Aura is more than a sideboard: it's a vision that understands what it means to create personality through design and carefully selected materials whilst playing with the visual and connecting the emotional dots at the same time

ონლაინ განვადება:

ბრენდი: Arketipo

დიზაინერები: ჯუზეპე ვიგანო

სტილი: თანამედროვე,

კატეგორია: კონსოლი,